Michigan Surgical Hospital is proud to be home to the 3 year PMSR Kern Podiatry Residency Program. Established by Dr. Earl G. Kaplan in 1973 as the Civic Residency Program, it is deeply rooted in the history and development of this rapidly growing profession. The program has continued to build on this prestige and is sought out by residency candidates from across the country.

Today, under the supervision of Dr. Kyle W. Sundblad, our nine residents receive cutting edge training in Podiatry. Michigan Surgical Hospital boasts a full service podiatry clinic specializing in Diabetic foot care, wound care, limb salvage and reconstructive foot and ankle surgery. With patients from all over Metro Detroit and referrals from physicians across the state, our residents see and treat a vast and diverse array of podiatric problems. In addition to this comprehensive surgical and clinical training, our residents participate in several specialized rotations at other Hospitals. Residents graduate prepared to treat the most advanced of podiatric foot and ankle problems and are also prepared to manage the daily responsibilities of private practice.

Compassion is central to our treatment philosophy at Michigan Surgical Hospital. Our podiatry clinic and its residents see patients with complicated issues who are facing diverse challenges. We take great pride in treating them with unmatched compassionate care.